What Is The Average Breast Size?

If you have ever been clothes shopping, bra shopping, or if you just have boobs, you probably wondered: “Are my boobs normal?”. Well, science has the answer, and the answer might surprise you. Boob size varies between women of different nations and even different points in time. For example, having a different diet means a different fat distribution and body shape, and therefore different boob size. But if you are a woman living in America, science has finally found the average boob size. And that average breast size is 34 DD. Now that might sound ridiculously huge to be the average,especially considering that 34B was the average 30 years ago. That is a huge fluctuation in boob size in just  30 years.

So are America’s boobs growing? Well, maybe a little bit, but probably not all that much. It might actually be a change in the type bras that women are choosing to buy. Women today are way more likely than they were 30 years ago to go to a bra store and ask to be fitted for the perfect bra, which means they  are more likely to get a bra, that actually fits them accurately, rather than trying to squeeze themselves into a bra, that is too small. Manufacturers are also making more different bra sizes infancy are patterns and colors, which means women can get the bra they want in bigger sizes.

Now 34DD is the average size for America, but it is not necessarily average around the world. One study in1997 found that Chinese women had a slightly smaller bra size. Scientists haven’t fully understood why there is a variation between boobs, but it is probably a combination of genetics, diet, and general environmental factors. And it is true.

It is normal to have different sized boobs between the left and the right. And science has found that the left one is more likely to be the big one. So don’t worry, ladies, your asymmetrical boobies are totally normal. Remember, they are sisters, not twins.

In case you are wondering the largest size of bra commonly available is the size L and the smallest is the AAA. The largest boobs in the world belong to a woman named Andy Hawkins in the good old US of A; her boobs measure at a huge 48 V, and yes they are totally natural.

Contrary to popular and unfounded belief, larger breasts of women are actually smarter. A  2011 study from the University of Chicago found that larger breasted women were on average ten IQ points higher than their smaller breasted sisters. But if you’re on the smaller end of the boob spectrum don’t despair. A study found that men who are more financially secure are more likely to be attracted to women with smaller boobies.

Women with smaller breasts are also less likely to experience back pain and less likely to get black eyes when they go jogging.

Types And Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction


Today our topic matter is impotence which also known as erectile dysfunction. I want to expand a little bit upon it and give a little bit more information about the numerous causes of it and to make a notation that it’s not necessarily something that somebody suffers from later on in life. As a matter of fact when it involves impotence age has nothing to do with it. All the studies, everything that came out on this particular topic matters says it isn’t age. So whether you’re 20, or you’re 80 you have these issues, you will have problems. If you don’t – you won’t.

When you look at the definition of it, there are two different kinds: there’s a primary which generally occurs at birth or when there’s extreme trauma in the early childhood years such as sexual abuse or physical abuse. And then we have the secondary which tends to occur later on in life due to some of these other causes.

If the primary is there in existence, it would be difficult for a man to get an erection or all the time from the time he’s a boy on upward. And generally that’s a very difficult issue to resolve sort of psychological counseling and if it’s psychologically induced. But more often than not it’s due to physical problems in childbirth or because of a birth defect.


When we talk about the causes of secondary impotence, the number one on the list is going to be nutritional deficiencies. And with the standard french fry and hamburger diet that we have out there, we see a lot of these. I mean there’s certain minerals, certain vitamins that allow the blood to flow very well, that allow your nitric oxide, which lets you get an erection just stay hard. If you don’t have those elements or proper nutrients to supply those elements, you’re not going to be able to get an erection, or if you get then, you’re not going to be able to stay there.

In addition, diet seems to be, as I said the French fry and hamburger diet, a high saturated fat, high sugar, overeating kind of diet lends itself to impotence. And then you add on to with the lack of exercise – this is the standard American man nowadays. That is why we’re seeing so much problems with it.  Probably why I’m seeing so many customers coming in and complaining in addition to these other factors as well.

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Amazing Secrets About Female Orgasm

Our female species is one of the most mysterious creatures on earth, especially to men. There are so many things about women that men just don’t understand. Such notion has been commonly discussed by men since the old age. When it comes to sexuality, female orgasm is clearly one of the most mysterious things in the world. There are still plenty of men out there who do not know how to give their woman an orgasm. Even some women themselves do not know how to do such thing. That is why we want to give you some interesting secrets regarding female orgasm.

It’s all about the clit


Plenty of men cannot understand how women reach orgasm because their private part is such an internal device. Some men have heard multiple times about the term of G-spot. However, it is not something that can be easily found by either men or women. Despite so, plenty of women will tell you that it is all about the clit. The clit or the clitoris is that little spot in their vagina that has the most pleasure neuron in it. If it is always stimulated, it will give the woman an orgasm. If you are looking for a great way to please your woman, just focus on stimulating the clit which is located just at the top of the vagina.

In addition, hitting the spot in intercourse is not just about the size of the penis. It is more likely about the movement of the penis. Thus, even if you have a small penis, you can make the woman reach orgasm by hitting the spot.

Multiple Orgasm


We all know that men can only have one orgasm during one session of intercourse. After having the orgasm, men will undergo a retraction period in which their penis will go flaccid and incapable of performing a sexual act. Not only that, the penis will be very sensitive after reaching orgasm that it can hurt if it is forced to function. That is why men always need some time to rest after achieving orgasm.

 It is quite different when it comes to women. Do you know that women can experience multiple orgasms in one session of intercourse? Unlike men, women do not have a retraction period after their orgasm. Thus, they can perform a sexual act as long as they want it without feeling tired or over stimulated despite just having an orgasm.

Women Ejaculate too!

Most men do not understand that women can do what men can do too when they have some orgasm. Ejaculation is not just something that can be experienced by men. Some women can also experience ejaculation when they have an orgasm. Of course, they will not ejaculate the same substance as men, which would be semen and sperm. Women will produce something that is a lot thinner in consistency and clearer in color. The substance will resemble water in a way that it is colorless and odorless. This thing is usually known in the medical world as squirting.

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VigRx Plus Clinical Studies Results For Everyone


There have been so many different kinds of penile enlargement pills on the market to choose from. Most guys will take whatever pills they can get as long as they think it helps them. But choosing pills without learning more about it might give you all the wrong result. If you really want a guarantee of a positive outcome, you should choose this amazing pills called VigRx Plus. This one is different than the other pills because there has been a legitimate clinical effect about it. We are here to report to you the six stories found in the result.

Longer Time of Erection

Seventy five men between the age of 25 and 60 were given VigRx Plus. In result, sixty-eight percent of the people was successful in maintaining more erection during penetration. After being given Vig-Rx, their erection was harder and more stable than before.

Easier Penetration


After being compared with taking VigRx and placebo, around fifty-eight percent of the subject’s partner reports more satisfaction. The subject was said to be able to penetrate better. At the same time, the ones who are taking placebo was reported to perform weaker.

More Sexual Desire

VigRx Plus is not just a penis enlargement pills, but also a sexual performance enhancement. What’s good about this clinical studies is that around forty-four percent of the subject reported more sexual desire after taking the pills. Therefore, the pills are a success in increasing the sexual performance.

More Orgasm

Multiple orgasms are said only to be possible for women. But after taking the Vig Rx Plus, It has been proven that twenty-two percent of the subject experience multi orgasm. The increase in the amount of orgasm is clearly a definite fact that this pill is the ultimate sexual enhancer.

More Satisfaction


It is one thing to have plenty of orgasm during the intercourse. But the more important thing is the increase of sensual satisfaction during the intercourse itself. The good thing about this clinical result is that it proves that seventy percent more subject experience more pleasure during the intercourse.

The Overall satisfaction

After all of the previous results, Vigrxplusdirect.com conclude that sixty-one percent of the subject experienced an increase in the overall sexual satisfaction. It is different than the ones who were given a placebo. Indeed, you can now believe in the product that you can immediately buy to increase your sex life.

Premature Ejaculation Delay Time Can Be Increased


Delay time can indeed be increased during premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to last longer during intercourse. Ejaculate too quickly almost always pairing disappointed. If it is not addressed, these disorders can disrupt domestic harmony.

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Until now there is no instant remedy that can cure premature ejaculation. Even the causes of premature ejaculation are also not known with certainty. Various herbs and medicines are made and touted to cure and overcome premature ejaculation but still many men are disappointed.

In this article we will discuss some of the ways to overcome premature ejaculation for ordinary people, from the use of the drug, gel, cream to abdominal breathing exercises.



Press your penile shaft before you orgasm. This suppression motion will delay your ejaculation. You may feel a little discomfort.

But not all doctors approved this method. It is difficult to treat premature ejaculation,” said Ira Sharlip, MD. “Because men are generally not able to control themselves when entering the moments before ejaculation,” she continued.

Disrupt Your Mind

You should think of something that is not related to sexual intercourse when are engaged. You may think of the match violin or musical performance or even attempt to think of math problems.


Not concentrated mind to sex will make you last long and ejaculation can be postponed. This is due to the mind is not focused on matters of sexuality is being done.

Use a Cream or Lubricant

Reduce the sensitivity of the penis shaft using a product that has now been sold. Using condoms can be trusted to make you last longer during sex because the skin of the penis is not in direct contact with the walls of the vagina so that the sensitivity can be reduced.

You can also use lubricants or gels that are sold to prolong sex; they can help to numb your manhood, so it becomes less sensitive when having sex. By using this tool is expected to overcome premature ejaculation even if only temporarily.